Leveraging your Professional Network 


Acquiring and maintaining a strong and lasting relationship across different industries can make a huge difference because it increases the job opportunities presented to you. The simple fact is, if you want to achieve success, it is important you recognize how important it is to build lasting mutually beneficial relationships. 

 What is professional networking?


Professional networking is a process where you build a relationship with professionals in order to learn more about certain roles as well as meet potential mentors. The goal is to have a group of professional contacts you know well enough where they can ask a favor from you, and who would do a favor for you. 


Take the opportunity to develop amazing relationships now! However, please understand that having an online connection through LinkedIn is not enough. Here are some tips to build and find that natural connection. 




1. Find the right people

Invest in making connections with people who care about you. You can talk to present or past colleagues who share similar professions. Finding alumni from college, or people that go to your school is a great starting point. 


2. Keep in touch with your contacts


Start investing in relationships, that means trying to stay in touch once in awhile. Some great tips Ascend has heard is following the rules of three. 

  1. Schedule a 15-30 minute coffee chat.
  2. Within three days that the meeting has occurred, send them a message of appreciation and an article/podcast or anything they can find valuable. 
  3. Follow up again on the third week on how you took their advice and applied it to your life. Please do understand that many professionals are fairly busy so please do not beat yourself up if someone does not reply to your message.


3. Attend networking/career fairs


These fairs open up a lot of opportunities to meet more individuals in your industry and you can easily establish relationships. 

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Professional networking will open all sorts of doors. Just remember that reciprocation and building a natural relationship is the key to success!