Leveraging your Personal Brand on LinkedIn


So you are interested in building your personal brand, but not sure what it means or where to start? Well this blog is right for you because in today’s society, professional online branding can be the key to your success. 


What is a “Personal Brand?”


We all have a personal brand, whether we are intentionally working on them or not. A personal brand should be a reflection of the kind person you are and want you to be. This can include asking yourself what are your values, motivations, and career goals. After you are able to answer these questions then you can start translating them in your workspace, interviews, and presence online. Read the rest of the article to learn more about ways you can build a killer personal brand on LinkedIn


 1.Maxmize your LinkedIn Profile 


A well put-together LinkedIn profile will help you get more engagements with your post and profile. By having a complete profile viewers are able to see better what your career goals and aspirations are. 


Fill these sections on your LinkedIn profile to maximize your personal brand 

  • Add your background header photo to something that reflects yourself. A lot of people edit their background picture and include their career interests and contact information. 
  • Add a creative headline and include your current position. Your LinkedIn headline is one of the most visible sections of your LinkedIn profile so make the best of it. 
    • For example: “Web Developer at Amazon | HTML5, PHP,Javascript | Seeking Entry Level Opportunities! 
  • Summary. Write a compelling pitch about yourself. This is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the millions of users on LinkedIn. 
    • Tips: Start with a strong and catchy statement. Add a story and more. 
  • Experience. Add the most relevant experiences you have. 
  • Education. Write down what school you currently attend. 
  • Customize your LinkedIn URL. 
  • Skills and endorsements. The section allows you to select skills you want to highlight. 


2.Find your real self and share your thoughts


To have a successful personal brand you need to be honest and transparent with yourself, which means you need to share a portion of your life. This may include your failures, weaknesses, and the roadblocks you faced in life. Studies have shown that connections happen more often when others can relate to you. Thus, it is important to showcase sides of you that are perfect because in the end people want to be understood. Be authentic when you post content on your LinkedIn and choose specific keywords to exclusively represent yourself. 


For example, you can start writing about projects you are currently working on, something you recently learned, or events you attended. Building your personal brand is not only what you are, but it is also what you do!


Remember it’s about how YOU want to portray your knowledge, visions, failures, and achievements to your profile is what will help you leverage your personal brand. 


3.Engage with others!


There are so many great people who share great tips and advice on LinkedIn, so please give them support by commenting and liking their posts! Maybe you can learn something more about yourself by interacting with others. 


4. Give back

You can help others through various ways on LinkedIn. Helping others on LinkedIn is a great way to build your own personal brand because it showcases who you are as a person. Some great examples are giving advice, congratulating people on their successes, opening a discussion on your post, and sharing job leads. 


Building a personal brand is no easy thing to do, but it is going to be worth it in the end because establishing your professional reputation is going to be one of your main keys to success in your career journeys. If you have any questions regarding personal branding contact Ascend and we will be happy to help you.